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Retro Game Wolf brings back the nostalgia of retro video games. We offer games and consoles ranging from the NES to the PS5, rare and obscure board and card games, and furry merchandise like tails, paws, and stickers. We are one of the only places in the state to offer consistent events for both furries and gamers!


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"Hidden gem of a store! Best NES and Genesis selection I've found in the valley!"

Customer Reviews

"Very nice staff and unique selection of games. A lot of them too! They have reasonable prices for used games."

"This is the best store I’ve dropped by in in forever! Awesome staff, really great products!! Glad I stopped in!! You will be too!!"

-Cole W

-Braxton 634

-Hank B

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New Location coming to the Salt Lake City metro area in Summer 2024

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